"Buy less, choose well, make it last" - Viviane Westwood

From Sankt Pauli/Hamburg with LOVE


With the birth of our son in summer 2017, we started to search for a light babywrap because it was too hot for him and for us in conventional babywraps. After testing many  babywraps with different fabrics and various baby carrier systems, we still did not find one babywrap fulfilling our criteria: lightweight, modern colors, organic and fair produced.

We could not find a suitable babywrap, so we decided to fill the void and produce our own babywraps. Because we fell in love with our adorable baby and babywearing, our babywrap is simply the best, closest and comfortable connection we can have with him. We want you to get in contact with your baby the way we do. Wearing your baby in our lightweight baby wrap made of 100% Lenzing MicroModal® fibers while also sporting a modern look is just fabulous. With little budget and inspired by dadlife - HoudiniMe® was founded by Markus Ginter in June 2017.


Babywearing & Bonding

There`s almost no better feeling than wearing your baby in a light babywrap! Classic babywraps are one of the oldest traditional ways to carry your baby and explore the world together. You are keeping your newborn close in the first months of its life, providing an embraced start of its life. While I was wearing the babywrap for the first time, my girlfriend said that this is the closest how it feels when you are pregnant - an overwhelming experience as dad. The babywrap is also our favorite magic trick to calm our baby when he is in a bad mood - offering a safe zone next to my heartbeat.

Walking around at home, in the park, cafe, restaurant or in the hood, the best travelmate of my little one is the babywrap. During his 3rd month we travelled to Italy and only used our stroller 2 times because it is much more comfortable and convenient to use the babywrap! And I still can`t get enough of that embracing feeling while carrying the kid. Our HoudiniMe® is in daily use - either by his mum or myself. I honestly hope that you will have the same marvelous experiences as we have!


Organic and Premium Quality Material

The HoudiniMe® babywrap is using 100% Lenzing MicroModal® fiber because:

  • it`s OEKOTEX 100
  • it is naturally soft as a feather on the skin - it even gets softer after each wash
  • the color stays where it should be - even after repeated washing, the fibers retain their intensive colors as they were on the very first day
  • it`s cooling and lightweight (< 400gr)
  • machine washable and dries very fast
  • exceptionally ecological from local beech trees (way better ecological footprint than cotton)
  • ecologically dyed in a small manufactory in Austria (OEKOTEX 100)

The HoudiniMe® label is a vegan SnapPap®label which also gets softer after each wash and is made of cellulose.


Fair and Sustainable Produced

We are small but mighty and we belive in the 17 goals by the UN to transform our world step by step. #12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.*


Because it matters - that`s why we are committed to genuine sustainability at every detail. Organic and ethical standards are our starting point but we are steadily improving our products. The HoudiniMe® babywraps and print materials are locally produced in Eppendorf and St.Pauli/ Hamburg, Germany.


For modern, conscious parents -when your are done, please hand the HoudiniMe® babywrap over to the next Mom & Dad

The need for clothing will have doubled by the year 2025. This amount of clothing signals a major burden for our environment. 80% of the clothing we throw away ends up in landfills. An estimated 50 million tons of clothing are thrown away every year. Our HoudiniMe® babywrap can be used from birth up to 11kg. We are using one of the best organic  premium fibers on the market and we encourage you that you hand over your HoudiniMe® babywrap to the next mom & dad. Or storage it for your next baby when your baby has outgrown the babywrap.

The HoudiniMe® babywrap is made of 100% Lenzing MicroModal® fiber due to its longlasting benefits:

  • the fiber gets softer after each wash compared to cotton which gets hard after some washings
  • carefully selected timeless modern, stylish colors
  • the colors do not fade after several washings
  • professionally tailored & sewed in Eppendorf/ Hamburg, Germany


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